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    Reading at Books of Wonder on October 2

    I’ll be reading How Do You Know on October 2, 6 PM in New York City 42 West 17th St. Come along! This is a panel with 3 other children’s book writers. They are asking for RSVPs here. Join Books of Wonder for This Exciting Picture Book Event! These four…

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    NY Times

    An article I wrote for the NY Times about a cross country trip with my teacher: When the Guru Calls Shotgun. Published May 2013. I’ll look for the photo of the back of Rinpoche’s head mentioned in the article and post later.

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    Reading at Rough Draft on October 15

    I’ll be reading from my book How Do You Know What You Know at 11 AM on Saturday, October 15 at Rough Draft Bookstore in Kingston. It’s a wonderful place to gather. Please come! Bring the kids. And bring something that you consider “family heritage”. My dream is to have a…

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    I wrote a book for children

    When a child told me that a certain politician was rotten I was tempted to say “yes, he is!” But I stopped because I realized this child was simply parroting something they heard at home and not thinking for himself. So I asked “what makes you think that?” Which led…

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    God Wallah

    Short fiction about the disgruntled and scheming right hand man to a guru published by Vice in 2015. Actually the first chapter of a novel but that’s another story. It almost became a TV dramatic comedy series. And then my writer life was put on pause for six years. Real…

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    Candy With Knives

    Short fiction about old friends and new drugs published in Vice Magazine in 2013. There was another whole section at the beginning that got cut and I miss it like a phantom limb. Maybe it’s better this way. Sometimes we need other people to do the chopping. I have too…

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    When the Teacher Passes

    A cover article about how the White Plum sangha dealt with the death of Maizumi Roshi, published in Shambhala Sun (2004). I’m fascinated by what happens when leaders of communities leave, how that void is filled, how lineage is kept intact and transmitted. I spoke with some of Maizumi’s closest…