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    Short fiction. I barely remember writing this story and every time I read it, it’s kind of like…I wrote this? But I know I did. Published in Vice Magazine in 2017. LINK

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    Art In Action

    I was asked by the Natural History Museum and curator Randy Rosenberg to write and edit 79 essays about artists who work with the environment. The result was Art In Action: Nature, Creativity, and Our Collective Future. I spent nearly a year working on the text. I am not listed as…

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    Global Perspectives on Spirituality and Education

    I wrote a chapter on Buddhism in Bhutanese schools in this book edited by Jacqueline Watson, Marian de Souza, Ann Trousdale for Routledge (2014). From their website: In recent decades, and around the world, much attention has been given to the role of spirituality in the education of children and young people. While…

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    Best Spiritual Writing 2012

    My essay about Bodhgaya was selected by Philip Zaleski for The Best Spiritual Writing 2012, published by Penguin. From Amazon: Penguin’s yearly offering of outstanding essays and poetry on faith and spirituality. Every year, the acclaimed Best Spiritual Writing series offers readers the opportunity to explore the most intriguing work…

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    Travellers & Magicians

    Here is another book I was asked to write and spent a year toiling over but am not credited for. But it’s OK it was pretty fun to write. While on set in Bhutan shooting Travellers and Magicians in 2002, Rinpoche told me to write a book about the making…