Art In Action

I was asked by the Natural History Museum and curator Randy Rosenberg to write and edit 79 essays about artists who work with the environment. The result was Art In Action: Nature, Creativity, and Our Collective Future. I spent nearly a year working on the text. I am not listed as the author for some reason. My name appears on the end pages, “text by Noa Jones.” But I enjoyed the work. Below is from Amazon.

“In Art of Action, seventy-nine artists share their stories and work to paint a portrait of our natural world today and the potential pathways – both positive and negative – we may follow from here. Their art expresses appreciation for all species and landscapes and explores our natural world lost, mourned and reconstructed. It described the fantasy of paradises new and vanished.

Each chapter asks us to celebrate, reflect, interact, protect and act, demonstrating the diversity of life and the legacy that the next generation will inherit.

No book can change the natural world. But these stories and photographs can build awareness, the first critical step in changing our collective paradigm from one that exploits and destroys nature to one that nurtures and values our environment.”

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