Travellers & Magicians

Here is another book I was asked to write and spent a year toiling over but am not credited for. But it’s OK it was pretty fun to write. While on set in Bhutan shooting Travellers and Magicians in 2002, Rinpoche told me to write a book about the making of the film. I started taking notes and decided to to use the script as a basis and write short essays, like pop up videos (which were a new thing back then) that would shine a light either on the day of the shoot, the content, the actors, or some aspect of Bhutanese culture that connected to that part of the script. There are recipes, essays, facts, bios, and much more. The photography is really amazing. I wasn’t thrilled with the design of the book because it is the shape of an album, square and bulky. But if you want one, I think I have a box in the basement. That’s Deki Yangzom on the cover, who remains a good friend.

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